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Grâce à vous, nos équipes interviennent en urgence auprès des populations qui en ont le plus besoin, partout où nous agissons.

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Yacine, pharmacist in Central African Republic

Yacine, pharmacien

This is Yacine's story: he worked as a pharmacist in Central African Republic.

Yacine worked as a project pharmacist for 6 months in Sika Hospital in Bangui, Central African Republic (CAR). The hospital has 60 beds and provides 3 main services: general surgery, orthopedic surgery and intensive care.

He particularly appreciated the fact that he worked side-by-side on a daily basis with the operating theater team, as well as frequently working with the medical team to resolve issues and improve the quality of care. Working so closely with the medical team in the field, he felt that his contribution had real significance.


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