Anna, surgeon in Haiti

Anna, chirurgienne en Haïti
Anna, chirurgienne en Haïti © MSF

Anna is a surgeon who has completed 15 missions with MSF. This is her story.

Anna has worked in a number of different circumstances, such as in Haiti after the earthquake and Ivory Coast during the war there. The MSF protocols, applied in all fields, are similar to European standards, and the equipment available is suitable for all types of surgery. In Abidjan, Anna and national staff surgeons shared the workload based on their expertise. Anna really loves the inflatable tents, which provide a much-needed operating space that is easy to clean and can be adapted as required to meet varying needs.


© Arnaud Drouart/MSF

Burn/Plastic/Hand surgeons needed

Burn and plastic surgery of the hand are done in Haiti, Jordan and the Palestinian Territories. Médecins Sans Frontières began treating burn victims in 2007 in collaboration with a team of specialists from the Edouard Herriot burnt center in Lyon. The burns represent 30% of our surgical activity. Improving our multidisciplinary management of burnt patients remains a priority for MSF.

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