The Recruitment Process français

You want to leave on mission for Médecins Sans Frontières? Before sending us your online application, find out more about our operational contexts and see if your profile fits. Some criteria change from one profile to another, notably with regard to availability.

What are the criteria and requirements?

  • Professional experience (excluding internships): minimum two years for all profiles, except for general practitioners and gynaecologist-obstetricians.
  • Availability: six months for all profiles*.
  • Languages: English at intermediate level indispensable ** The knowledge of another foreign language is a plus (Arabic, Spanish, etc.).
  • Experience in training and management is a plus.

* Professionals working in the operating theatre, specialised physiotherapists and electricians can commit for shorter periods: minimum three weeks.

** Intermediate level English is not required for operating theatre personnel and electricians.

You already have field experience?

Médecins Sans Frontières values the expatriate field experience you may already have with other international medical NGOs by offering you - in accordance with your experience - positions reserved for people with humanitarian experience and by reducing the time you spend as a volunteer (quicker transfer to salaried staff status).

The recruitment steps

How can you organise your availability?

If you work in the public sector you can apply for leave without pay.

If you work in the private sector you can be awarded international solidarity leave on the following conditions:

  • you have worked at least 12 months in the facility you are currently employed by,
  • you are going overseas for an association with humanitarian goals, such as MSF,
  • your mission will not last longer than 6 months,
  • you inform your employer at least one month beforehand.

Before deciding to leave your current post, bear in mind that an interview may not lead to a positive outcome.
There can also be a long wait before you leave for the field.
If you do resign from your current post, you must know that the one year volunteer period with MSF does not open up access to unemployment benefits. Only salaried status (a temporary contract after one year of volunteer work) can do this, once you're back from the field.

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MSF recherche des :

  • Kinésithérapeutes expérimentés « brulés »
  • Psychologues et psychiatres
  • Pharmaciens
  • Coordinateurs Financiers
  • Responsables d'activités médicales
  • Anesthésistes pédiatriques
  • Chirurgiens pédiatriques
  • Gynécologues obstétriciens
  • Chefs de mission
  • Coordinateurs de Projet
  • Coordinateurs Financiers et RH
  • Coordinateurs Logistique

Une expérience en ONG est requise pour les postes de Coordinateurs et Chefs de mission. Cliquez ici

De trop nombreuses candidatures au regard des possibilités de départ (occasionnant un délai d'attente d'environ un an) nous conduisent à inviter les infirmiers généralistes à postuler dans quelques mois. Ce message ne concerne pas les infirmiers ayant une expérience significative en néonatologie, très recherchés pour nos programmes.

Il en est de même pour les logisticiens généralistes (délai d'attente environ 10 mois). Nous vous conseillons donc de postuler dans quelques mois. Ce message ne s'adresse pas aux logisticiens spécialisés (EHA, construction, mécanicien…) NB : logisticiens EHA expérimentés MSF ou autre ONG très recherchés en ce moment.

Enfin, nos besoins concernant les postes de chargés de communication sont satisfaits pour l'année 2018. Pour ces postes, il est donc demandé aux candidats de ne postuler qu'à compter d'octobre/novembre 2018.