The emergency cell needs reinforcements!

COVID-19 Solidarity Illustration
© Nuria Espinoza © Luca Sola

The MSF emergency cell is constantly looking for coordinators and experienced doctors to join its emergency pool.

Various positions are regularly available: Head of Mission, Medical Coordinator, Finance and Human Resources Coordinator, Project Coordinator, Pharmacy Coordinator, Logistics Coordinator, Supply Coordinator, Medical Team Leader (MTL).

Today we are looking in priority for medical coordinators and MTL, but remain very interested in all positions mentioned!

Criteria to join us: being motivated obviously, speaking English and French, and being already experienced in one of the positions mentioned above.

If you are interested, if you have any questions, you want more information or if you want to recommend people, do not hesitate to contact us!

Meet us at the emergency cell (at the desk or at the HR office at 14-34 avenue Jean Jaurès in Paris ), contact us by email: [email protected] or talk with your pool manager.


© Frederic Noy

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