Patient brûlé pris en charge à l'hôpital MSF de Drouillard, à Port-au-Prince, Haïti, mai 2016.
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Operating theatre nurse



  • experience as operating theatre nurse and OT diploma is an asset


  • 4 years of professional experience (excluding internships) in this function
  • the operating theatre nurse must have a recent professional experience of at least 4 years as a circulating nurse, but also as a scrub nurse in a multidisciplinary operating room, without a career gap of more than 1 year


  • 1 to 6 months


  • a significant portion of our missions are English-speaking. The minimum level of English required is A2 on the CECREL grid


  • analytical skills
  • organizational skills
  • able to synthesize and take the initiative
  • management and/or training experience preferred.
  • ready to work in crises contexts and within multi-cultural, multi-discipline teams
  • previous experience in the field within an NGO is an asset
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The operating theatre nurse is responsible for organizing and managing healthcare, staff and material in the operating theatre, the recovery room and the sterilisation room.


  • coordinates, organises and plans activities in the operating theatre, the recovery room and the sterilisation room,

  • guarantees the quality of healthcare within the service (care protocols, patient and staff security, medical prescriptions followed, etc.),

  • undertakes the scrub nurse role and any other role needed in the operating theatre, participate in the surgical team duty roster (24/7),

  • supervises, manages and trains staff in the operating theatre, the recovery room and the sterilisation room,

  • implements and ensures adherence to hygiene procedures in the operating theatre and the sterilising room (clean/dirty circuits, cleaning and disinfecting the premises),

  • takes responsibility for theatre supply in terms of medicines, medical materials, equipment and consumable items (orders, inventories, stock management, maintenance),

  • organises, collects and analyses data on surgical activity and contributes to drafting the mission's medical reports.