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Obstetrician gynaecologist / Gyneco onco

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  • medical doctor diploma in obstetrics-gynaecology
  • current matriculation in Medical Council/Board


  • solid surgical skills (caesareans, hysterectomies, ectopic pregnancies, complicated deliveries, management of high risk pregnancies, etc.)


  • 3 weeks minimum


  • basic English is a bonus because ¾ of our missions are English-speaking


  • able to work in multicultural and multidisciplinary teams


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The obstetrician gynaecologist is responsible for the general coordination of women's healthcare, with particular emphasis on maternity services.


Obstetricians-gynaecologists collaborate with the medical team and supervise the quality of healthcare. They also help to improve the maternity staff's technical performances. They take charge of certain consultations themself and perform technically and clinically complicated interventions, notably surgical.

  • participate in discussions on and the definition of project objectives

  • provide technical expertise in the obstetrics-gynaecology field: quality of patient reception and consideration of their needs, the smooth organization of the department and the patient flow, quality of obstetric care and adherence to medical protocols within the maternity department in liaison with the midwives

  • perform emergency surgical procedures in accordance with MSF protocols,

  • supervise team members' work

  • take part in training offered to the healthcare staff and provide individual mentorship and support.

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