Vaccination contre la rougeole à Conakry Guinée
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  • has a state nursing diploma


  • 3 years of professional experience (excluding internships) including two years working in a hospital in two different wards
  • 6 months experience in pediatrics highly appreciated
  • significant experience in coaching or teaching or engagement in institutional committees
  • an experience or a trip of at least 1 month in a tropical environment
  • an experience with another NGO is an asset
  • a degree in tropical medicine is an asset
  • an associative commitment in a humanitarian organization is an asset


  • 6 or 9 months


  • english proficiency (B1 level)


  • ready to work within multi-cultural, multi-discipline teams.
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Nurses organise the delivery of care in dispensaries or hospitals, undertake vaccination campaigns or manage nutrition centres.


  • participates in the organisation and planning of medical activities within the MSF hospital,

  • supervises the national nurses' activities in liaison with the different departments in the hospital so as to ensure good nursing practices throughout the facility,

  • oversees and monitors the rational use of medicines and the proper administration of treatment in step with MSF protocols,

  • checks on the proper management of the hospital's pharmacy (inventory, orders, etc.) and adherence to the cold chain,

  • handles international orders for medicines and medical material,

  • monitors adherence to hygiene procedures for material (sterilisation, waste disposal), rooms and equipment in general,

  • participates in the duty roster drawn up for the medical team (24/7),

  • identifies training needs for the national nurses and/or other healthcare workers.

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