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  • 2 years (excluding internships) for psychologists subsequent to obtaining the equivalent of France's DESS or Masters II in clinical psychology


  • 6 months minimum


  • english proficiency (B2 level)
  • literate in Arabic is considered an asset


  • mastery of IT tools for team and data management
  • management or training experience prefered
  • clinical training or experience in babies, children and adolescents
  • clinical training or experience in trauma
  • clinical trans-cultural training optional
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We offer diverse psychology and psychiatry activities depending on programme types and contexts: programmes integrated into hospital activities, psychiatric and psychological consultations, programmes offering specific care for trauma (conflicts, sexual violence) and certain diseases (tuberculosis, AIDS) or under-aged children.


Generally speaking the work is mostly clinical. It also calls for local team coordination and training via mentorship and support. Ready to work within multi-cultural, multi-disciplinary teams. In most programmes, local teams (usually psychologists) ensure the continuity of care. Expatriates are in charge of:

  • providing individual clinical consultations, psychological,

  • participating or organising the group's therapeutic or psycho-pedagogical activities,

  • supporting the programme and the team by suggesting improvements in line with MSF's objectives and strategies

  • coordinating the team's efforts by developing and/or improving working tools if required

  • identifying national staff training needs and organising sessions in the areas identified

  • organising patient referrals to adequate local facilities if needed

Often mental health teams are composed of a pair psychologist / psychiatrist. These activities are only examples and obviously depend on the missions.

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