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Doctors, nurses, surgeons, midwives, pharmacists, laboratory technicians, logisticians, administrators ... MSF recruits different profiles for its missions (emergency medical assistance, emergency and reconstructive surgery, care of people with infectious diseases, immunization, nutrition projects, pediatric ...).

A mission with MSF is a personal commitment to a humanitarian movement. Motivation, adaptability and teamwork, responsiveness, curiosity, desire to understand other cultures are essential qualities to work with MSF.

Information sessions are held twice a month in Paris and regularly in other cities to talk about the recruitment of volunteers. These meetings are organized around the testimonial of a volunteer returning from her/his field mission. It is strongly recommended to attend one session before applying online.
These meetings address various topics including: the mission organisation, MSF projects, safety life in the field, working conditions, the profiles needed for our missions, recruitment criteria according to the different profiles,the recruitment process, as well as the departure's organisation.

To become a volunteer with Doctors Without Borders, you have to:

  • match one of the profiles needed (cf jobs list),
  • have two years experience except for general practitioners and obstetricians gynecologists (cf recruitment process),
  • be available six months *
  • speak English*

* except for OT professionals (surgeons, anesthesist doctors and nurses), emergency physicians, psychiatrists, specialists kinésithérapeuthes and electricians.

Information sessions take place without prior registration, at our Paris headquarters or in our regional premises.

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Nous recherchons pour nos missions terrain des :

  • Chefs de Mission
  • Coordinateurs de Projet
  • Coordinateurs Financiers et RH

Vous devez être expérimenté(e) avec d'autres ONG.

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