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Job description :

Médecins Sans Frontières, an international medical and humanitarian association founded in 1971, provides medical assistance to communities faced with crises endangering their survival. These crises typically take the form of armed conflict but also include epidemics, natural catastrophes and even exclusion from healthcare. The French section of MSF is present in some thirty countries worldwide.

For a creation of position MSF is currently looking for a :


You are responsible of implementing and providing training on epilepsy management to the mental health program personnel in Liberia in order to improve patients/beneficiaries’ health conditions.


MSF ran an Ebola survivor care project following the large Ebola outbreak which ignited West Africa in general and Liberia particularly. This program including health and mental health care evidenced the high level of needs in Mental Health linked to the hemorrhagic fever outbreak but also as a consequence of the prolong conflict which affected Liberia during almost two decades with a high level of violence (250 000 death in a country of then 3,5 million, large number of atrocities).

Qualified Mental Health care largely unavailable in Liberia. There is a 70-bed national psychiatric hospital (E.S. Grant Hospital) which operates with great difficulty. There is one part-time Liberian psychiatrist.

In end of 2016, decision was taken to close the Ebola survivor care project and to assess Mental Health needs in the country to consider offering such services. The evaluation led to the opening of a Mental Health project in Monrovia to offer those services to the population. Though Epilepsy is not a Mental Health issue, it is considered as such (or spiritual malice and/or contagious disease) and largely prevalent in Liberia. The program will then also position itself on this pathology to relocate it as a health issue and offer care management to patient identified with such symptoms.

The program is aimed to improve access to Mental Health and Epilepsy care services within Montserrado County through diagnosis, treatment and referrals in 4 PHCC. It initiated its implementation in early September when first patients were admitted.

Mission :

Reporting to:

Hierarchical: Mental Health Activity Manager based in Monrovia Coordination office.

Functional: Mental Health Activity Manager based in Monrovia Coordination office.

Main Accountabilities of the position:

Coordinate the implementation of epilepsy management protocols with special emphasis on paediatric.

Develop referral pathway to tertiary care for emergency cases in collaboration with the Mental health activity manager.

Conduct training on epilepsy management to Ministry Of Health and MSF clinical staff (nurses and Physician Assistance).

Conduct hands on mentoring of epilepsy diagnosis and management to MOH clinical staff.

Conduct selected sessions with Community health workers for epilepsy awareness (to contribute to reduction of stigma).

Ensure ongoing training of the medical/paramedical multidisciplinary team in order to optimize the quality of care.

Where needed, carry out joint consultations with Mental health clinicians for complicated patients as part of training in keeping with defined MSF/MOH protocols.

Liaise with the medical department/technical referents for difficult cases.

With the Activity manager, ensure rational distribution of medicines.

With the Mental Health Activity manager and Pharmacist, develop the next anti-epileptic drug order.

Assure general compliance with standing hygiene standards.

Ensures professional confidentiality is respected.

Participate in the collection and analysis of patient and activity data on epilepsy.

Qualities :

Flexibility and teamwork.

Position's specificities :

Full time international staff position based in Monrovia/Liberia.

4 months contract.

Salary according to the MSF salary grid and previous relevant experiences.

Starting date : Asap.

Professional skills :

Nurse Practitioner or Medical Doctor.

Specialization or sound experience in Neurology/Epilepsy management preferably with children.

Minimum of 2 years’ experience as a Nurse Practitioner or MD in clinical work. Tropical Medicine also desirable.

Experience with teaching/training activities, team capacity building.

Good command of English (Written and Spoken) as the language of the duty station.


Contract type :
Term contract

Contract duration :
4 months

Position start date :
as soon as possible

Salary (€) :
Salary according to the MSF salary grid and previous relevant experiences.

Deadline for submission :
17 December 2017


* : Mandatory.

In case of technical problem, a contact form is available on this page.

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