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Design Engineer - Laboratory Equipment (M/W) français

Job description :

Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is an international non-profit humanitarian organization whose mission is to provide aid to people threatened by violence, neglect, or catastrophe, primarily due to armed conflict, epidemics, malnutrition, exclusion from health care, or natural disasters. We provide independent, impartial assistance to those most in need and we also speak out publicly to bring attention to neglected crises, challenge inadequacies or abuse of the aid system, and advocate for improved medical treatments and protocols. MSF France currently operates activities in 35 countries with a wide spectrum of programs. The “Mini-lab” project is part of the Medical Department of Operational Center – Paris (OCP) and aims to develop a small-scale basic and autonomous diagnostic bacteriology laboratory based on appropriate and feasible, existing or adapted techniques, at an affordable cost, high accessibility and ease of use and responding to clinical needs at MSF field sites.

In the context of an increase in activity, we are looking for:

Design Engineer - Laboratory Equipment (M/W)

Mission :

The design engineer ensures the most efficient and effective implementation of the Mini-lab project development on the hardware part of analysis, measurement of computer systems and integration of solutions. The main objective is to conceptualize the design or to supervise the design of the elements developed by the providers, in accordance with the specific conditions related to the constraints in which MSF operates.

He/she ensures that all activities related to the development of his/her products are carried out; including the preparation of extensive market reviews, device specifications, measurement tools, information systems and a network of potential partners, technical negotiations with the partners responsible for adapting equipment available on the market or the development of innovative solutions, taking account of maintenance needs, evaluation of adapted equipment, engineering of training for its use and maintenance, preparation of logistics necessary for its maintenance.

Essential responsibilities :

Under the hierarchical and functional responsibility of the project manager, and in collaboration with MSF Logistic biomedical referents, MSF teams and others members of the Mini-lab team:

You are responsible for the needs identification:

-According to the Mini-lab specifications, identify the market reviews to be performed

-Perform the market reviews identified in collaboration with MSF Logistique and MSF Supply department

-Carry on an on-going technology watch and explore the technical and technological evolutions in the fields related to Mini-lab project ; complement the market reviews accordingly

-Identify technologies that can be part of the Mini-lab

-Conduct studies of opportunities and studies of feasibility on technology developments

-Propose adaptations to existing technologies

-Propose innovations / creations of devices adapted to the Mini-lab specifications

You are responsible for the improvement of devices and information systems:

-Develop a network of partners able to meet the possible adaptation / innovation -needs of the Mini-Lab devices (manufacturers, university programs, associations, etc.)

-Write the detailed specifications expected after adaptation / innovation

-Ensure a regular monitoring of partnerships

You are responsible for the evaluation of laboratory devices and information systems:

-Define evaluations of laboratory devices and information system to be performed

-Support the research coordinator with evaluation protocols for laboratory devices and information system chosen to be integrated into the Mini-lab

-Advise the Scientific Committee and the Project Manager on laboratory equipment and information system to be included in the Mini Lab

You are responsible for the engineering of training of laboratory equipment:

-Identify needs for training in the use and maintenance of Equipment

-In collaboration with the training and didactic materials coordinator, conduct market reviews on existing training solutions

-In collaboration with the training and didactic materials coordinator, create and adapt training on equipment and maintenance according to the end-users needs

Qualities :

Ability to work independently and with minimal supervision

Curiosity about new technologies

Ability to analyze, synthesize and responsiveness to problems

Excellent communication and teamwork skills

Position's specificities :

Status: 12 months contract. Full time. Executive level. Based in Paris.

Some travel is expected (in France and abroad)

Position to be filled : as soon as possible

Only candidates whose applications have been accepted will be contacted.

Professional skills :

Diploma : Engineering design for laboratory equipment and information system with a minimum of 2 years of professional experience

Experience of concrete achievements, constrained by external requirements

Experience in conducting feasibility and opportunity studies, search for innovative and judicious solutions

French and English language fluency

Perfect mastery of the technical skills of his field

Mastery of the management of complex systems design in the field of laboratory and information systems

IT skills: Computer programming (software development), System design (system of measurements)

Evaluation of products system

Contract type :
Fixed-term contract

Contract duration :
12 months

Salary (€) :
43,4 K€ gross per year on 13 months.

benefits :
  • 100% Mutual health insurance
  • 9€ Luncheon voucher, 60% care of MSF
  • 50% public transportation expenses
  • 22 days RWD per year
Deadline for submission :
25 December 2017


* : Mandatory.

In case of technical problem, a contact form is available on this page.

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