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Job description :

Peshawar project aims at providing gynecologic, obstetric and neonatal care to vulnerable populations in Peshawar district and the surrounding tribal zone. We focus mostly on high risk pregnant women and women living in camps, in rural areas and in areas with no access or limited access to obstetric care.

Since 2011, MSF has opened a private hospital, a CEMONC with an operating theatre, 20 IDP beds for mothers, 15 beds in NBU and 3 palliative care beds, as well as a laboratory, a blood bank and a pharmacy.

The gynecology team includes: 1 expatriate gyn-obs, 5 national gyn-obs including a supervisor.

The international obstetrician/gynaecologist position in Pakistan allows an opportunity to practice obstetrics in a high maternal mortality setting where access to care can be difficult in collaboration with a strong international and national team including national gynecologists. While providing clinical care for women is an important component of the job, teaching, training and supporting local staff in continuous skills development and improvement is a large component of the work in Pakistan.

More information on the project : Q&A video with MSF France Head of Mission

Mission :

1. Providing technical expertise in the domains of gynaecology and obstetrics:

  • Implement obstetric and gynaecological procedures or other treatments required during pregnancy or immediately after birth in order to improve women’s reproductive health and reduce pregnancy and delivery risks for mother and baby.
  • Ensure medical protocols and prescriptions are followed by the health care personnel in accordance with MSF guidelines.
  • Ensure hygiene procedures are followed in order to limit infection risks.
  • In collaboration with midwife ensuring the quality of obstetrical care in Maternity department.
  • In collaboration with BHUs Activity Manager ensuring the quality of Antenatal and Postnatal Care and Family Planning.Multidisciplinary collaboration with other medical doctors and midwives is compulsory.

1.a. In Triage/Labour and Delivery room

  • Assist in correct triage, diagnosis and management of complications of pregnancy in association with triage nurses and junior doctors in accordance with MSF protocols.
  • In collaboration with the international midwife, ensure correct application of labour protocols including use of partograph and identification and escalation of complications of labour and delivery
  • Perform and teach specific delivery procedures such as external cephalic version, internal podalic version, twin and breech delivery and instrumental delivery following MSF protocols
  • Manage and train staff in management of antepartum and postpartum obstetricial emergencies such as uterine rupture or post-partum haemorrhage in accordance with MSF protocols.

1.b. In Operation Theatre:

  • Carrying out elective and emergency surgical interventions in accordance with MSF protocols.
  • Carrying out the patients’ pre-operative consultations before they undergo surgery.
  • Evaluating the risks of operating in collaboration with the anaesthesiologist.
  • Monitoring the rational use of surgical material during interventions.
  • Monitoring the application of hygiene protocols in theatre (decontamination, sterilisation, etc.).
  • Checking that the register for the operating theatre is kept updated.

1.c. In Post-delivery care and IPD

  • Carrying out rounds in the IPD in collaboration with junior doctors, midwives/LHVs and the anaesthetists.
  • Guaranteeing the application of MSF protocols (ATB, dressing protocols, etc.) and the rational use of medicines.

2. Teaching and Training of other healthcare personnel

  • Participating in on-going personnel training (care techniques, etc.)
  • In collaboration with the national gynaecologist supervisor:
    • Participating to the weekly training session proposing and presenting topics
    • Bedside teaching for junior medical staff (especially FMOs)
    • Participate in/organise (if required) morbidity and mortality and near-miss meetings
  • In collaboration with other staff: participate in teaching/training for midwives, LHVs, anaesthetists, neonatology staff, health promotion, others are required.

Qualities :

  • Indispensable: Doctor Degree. Gynaecology Specialist Diploma.

  • Surgical skills (C-section, Hysterectomy etc.) are compulsory.

  • 2 years certified work experience in gynaecology essential Desirable previous experience with MSF or other NGOs in developing countries.

  • Language required: English

Position's specificities :

  • 3 to 6 months Fixed term contract

  • Salary status according to the MSF salary grid and your previous experience in international NGOs if any.

  • Monthly Perdiem

  • Insurances : medical health coverage, repatriation

  • Paid holiday : 25 days per year

  • R&R

Professional skills :

  • Good relationship, patience;

  • Management qualities

  • Strong interpersonal and intercultural skills;

  • Pro activity and flexibility;

  • Autonomy and sense of team working.

Contract type :
Fixed-term contract

Contract duration :
3 months

Deadline for submission :
30 April 2018


* : Mandatory.

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