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Job description :

MSF is one of the largest independent medical humanitarian organizations in the world, with projects located in 65 countries worldwide. MSF's work is based on the humanitarian principles of medical ethics; the goal of MSF is to provide emergency care to people who are affected by armed conflicts, epidemics and natural or man-made disasters.

MSF is looking for his/her :


Presentation of MSF mission in Iran:

  • Coordination based in Tehran
  • 1 Project based in South Tehran (district of Darvazeh Ghar)
  • 1 new project to be open in 2018 in Masshad
  • Total Budget 2018: 2 700 000 EUROS

South Tehran project

The Project in South Tehran is a MSF private clinic opened in 2012 based on a very limited access to care and friendly-to-vulnerable-population health services, mainly in the district of Darvazeh Ghar.

MSF decided to provide an access to comprehensive care for excluded population : drug users, sex workers, street children, ghorbat (gypsies), transgender were identified as populations with a higher risk to contract hepatitis, HIV-AIDS, tuberculosis or sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancies and are much more exposed to violence and stigma.

The project proposes medical consultations and nursing care, mental health care (psychologists + psychiatrist), midwifery (ANC, PNC, Family Planning and STI treatment), voluntary counseling and testing for communicable diseases (focus HIV-TB-hepatitis C), treatment of Hep. C, referrals to secondary level. Community outreach, psychosocial work and peer workers were integrated in the team in 2014 and are a key component of the follow up strategy.

Project in Masshad

Mashhad is the second largest city of Iran and is the capital of Razavi Khorason Province. It is also the second largest holy-city in the world attracting twenty million tourists and pilgrims every year. Mashhad welcomes officially 320 000 Afghans. Most of them are located in Golshar area where MSF carried out the assessment.

In Mashhad addiction to drugs is found as in any other place in Iran so does the Afghan population is affected. However this assessment highlighted some differences with addiction observed Tehran regarding the pattern of use as well as the type of drugs, the quality and the mode of consumption. In this holy city, the stigmatization of people having such high-risks behavior leads to an exclusion of care while other vulnerable groups can benefit the support of charity organizations massively present in the city.

Main responsibilities of the HR and Finance Coordinator:

The HR and Finance Coordinator works under the responsibility of the Head of Mission and he/she’s in charge of the overall management of the Human Resources, the finance, administrative and legal aspects of the MSF’s mission in Iran.

He/she will guarantee the implementation the MSF’s procedures to fulfill the mission’s objectives

  • Legal framework
  • Staff management
  • Administrative management of the Human resources
  • Accountancy, treasure, budget planning and monitoring
  • Communication, reporting and representation

Mission :


  • Guarantee the proper use of the funds, in accordance with the mission’s budget as well as the MSF’s internal procedures
  • Manage and follow the mission’s budget
  • Coordinate and finalize the development of new budgets related to project proposals
  • Centralize and control the accounting of the mission
  • Manage all mission cash and prepare the cash request
  • Provide financial management tools to Project Managers, Head of Mission, HQ
  • Prepare and accompany project related audits


  • Ensure that MSF works in compliance with the Iranian laws
  • Ensure the proper archiving of accounting and administrative documents
  • Maintain a summary table of all contracts (rentals, purchases, etc.), and ensure their proper archiving
  • Train the administrative teams to the correct application of all the internal procedures
  • Briefer each new expatriate on organization and administrative procedures
  • Ensure the follow-up of the legal files

Human resources

  • Ensure that the HR policy defined by MSF and all the procedures related to human resources are known and respected by all MSF’s employees (expatriate and national)
  • Ensure that the human resources management framework complies with the Iranian labor law, and propose adaptations if necessary
  • Ensure the regular updating of the rules of procedure (HR tool box and HR guidelines)
  • Propose relevant adaptations to the organization chart of the mission and contribute to its implementation (definition of job profiles, etc.) with the Head of Mission and the coordination team
  • Identify/validate the HR needs, design the adequate set-up according to the mission needs
  • Control the payroll process and ensure a comprehensive accountability on HR costs according to the HR mission budget and rules
  • Develop the human resources organization and operational framework and policies, according to the mission’s evolution and strategy (remuneration, recruitment, etc.);
  • Ensure proper administrative management of human resources for the mission: HR policy, recruitment, administrative management of staff (expatriate and national), training management, capacity building, etc.
  • Centralize data related to personnel management and supervise the monitoring of employment contracts and the payment of salaries
  • Capitalize training needs and participate in the implementation of training for national employees
  • Technically support project managers and coordinators in the management of their teams
  • Represent MSF towards relevant local authorities
  • Maintain a network of formal and informal relations with HR Coordinators of others NGOs;
  • Ensure the operational management of the team placed under your responsibility;
  • Produce HR reports for the HQ HR Officer (leave planning, annual reports, expatriates management etc.)
  • Develop the HR strategy in the global mission strategy framework

Qualities :

  • Strong communication, analysis and reporting skills

  • Good relationship, patience

  • Management qualities

  • Strong interpersonal and intercultural skills

  • Pro activity and flexibility

  • Autonomy and sense of team working

Position's specificities :

  • Position to be filled in January for at least 12 months up to 2 years

  • Fixed term contract

  • Unaccompanied position

  • Salary status according to the MSF salary grid and your previous experience in international NGOs if any

  • Monthly Perdiem

  • Insurances: medical health coverage, repatriation

  • Paid holiday: 25 days per year

  • R&R
    Please note that only selected candidates will be contacted

Professional skills :

  • Essential: working experience of at least five years as Finance and/or HR Manager / Coordinator in a professional organization (private, public and/or non-for-profit sector)

  • At least 2 years of field experience in the humanitarian sector

  • Proven experience in tools development and HR policies design

  • Proven experience in coordination at country level

  • Proven training and local capacity building experience

Accounting and human resources softwares (SAGA, Homere)

English mandatory (oral and written)

Contract type :
Term contract

Contract duration :
12 months

Position start date :
Position to be filled in January 2018

Salary (€) :
Salary status according to the MSF salary grid and your previous experience in international NGOs

Deadline for submission :
20 December 2017


* : Mandatory.

In case of technical problem, a contact form is available on this page.

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MSF recherche des :

  • Kinésithérapeutes expérimentés « brulés »
  • Psychologues et psychiatres
  • Coordinateurs Financiers
  • Responsables d'activités médicales
  • Anesthésistes pédiatriques
  • Chirurgiens pédiatriques
  • Gynécologues obstétriciens
  • Chefs de mission
  • Coordinateurs de Projet
  • Coordinateurs Financiers et RH
  • Coordinateurs Logistique

Une expérience en ONG est requise pour les postes de Coordinateurs et Chefs de mission. Cliquez ici

De trop nombreuses candidatures au regard des possibilités de départ (occasionnant un délai d'attente d'environ un an) nous conduisent à inviter les infirmiers généralistes à postuler dans quelques mois. Ce message ne concerne pas les infirmiers ayant une expérience significative en néonatologie, très recherchés pour nos programmes.

Il en est de même pour les logisticiens généralistes (délai d'attente environ 10 mois). Nous vous conseillons donc de postuler dans quelques mois. Ce message ne s'adresse pas aux logisticiens spécialisés (EHA, construction, mécanicien…) NB : logisticiens EHA expérimentés MSF ou autre ONG très recherchés en ce moment.

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