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Doctor and nurse anaesthetists français

The doctor anaesthetist is responsible for the delivery of pre-operative care, anaesthesia and post-operative care. He/she (hereafter referred to as he) provides fitting pain management in line with MSF protocols.

In 2013, anaesthesia was administered in 34 689 cases. A high proportion were administered to children: 23% children under 10 years old and 6% of children under 2 years old. In total, 114 doctor anaesthetists and 82 nurse anaesthetists left for the field in 2013. 25% of the doctors and 13% of the nurses were conducting their "first mission".


  • DIPLOMA: specialist diploma for doctor and nurse anaesthetists
  • EXPERIENCE: two years (excluding work experience) and autonomous in the administration of anaesthesia for nurse anaesthetists
  • AVAILABILITY: 1 to 6 months
  • LANGUAGES: basic English needed
  • Ready to work in multi-cultural, multi-disciplinary teams, easy inter-personal relations.


The nurse anaesthetist administers anaesthesia in the operating theatre under the supervision of the doctor anaesthetist. Furthermore, he also manages anaesthesia material.

for the doctor

  • provides pre-operative consultations for patients undergoing a procedure (questions on prior health history, takes into account risk factors, conducts in-depth auscultation, secures additional examinations if necessary, etc.), decides which type of anaesthesia to use and evaluates the surgical risk,
  • prepares the equipment then adminsters the anaesthesia, provides ongoing surveillance on the efficiency/safety of the anaesthesia underway and monitors the patient's vital parameters throughout the procedure,
  • monitors and delivers post-operative care: checks the patient comes round correctly and sets up the measures needed for any incident of shock, evaluates pain and sets up a post-operative antalgic treatment protocol, discusses therapeutic decisions with the doctor in charge of the department...

for the nurse

  • manages anaesthesia material and medicines, undertake the pre-anaesthesia preparations, help the doctor anaesthetist and undertake administration himself,
  • participates in the patient's installation in the recovery room and ensures a handover to the recovery room nurse.

Both doctors and nurses oversee and monitor adherence to hygiene rules concerning patient and staff protection and know the steps to take in the event of accidental exposure to blood.

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