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Clinical Psychologists with Supervision (team/individual) experience M/F

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Job description

Doctors Without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières, MSF), an international humanitarian medical association created in 1971, provides medical assistance to populations in need: most often in the case of armed conflict, but also during epidemics, natural disasters and those excluded from care. MSF France is currently working in 30 different countries.  

We are urgently seeking some Clinical Psychologists with Supervision (team/individual) experience.

Operational Contexts   

Psychologists perform a variety of tasks with MSF, depending on the project and the context: within a hospital program, psychiatric consultations, addressing specific trauma (armed conflicts, sexual violence), certain illnesses (AIDS, TB) and/or treating minors.

Psychologists collaborate with MSF health personnel to provide clinical work, as well as managing and training locally employed staff. The ability to work in a multicultural and multi-disciplinary team is a must. In the majority of our programs, it is national staff (usually made up of psychologists) that ensure the continuity of care of our patients.

International mental health staffs are responsible for the following tasks:

-   Participate in the planning, organization and coordination of Mental Health activities, in close collaboration with other medical team members.

-      Supervise the daily mental health activities and patient support according to MSF protocols and standards

-  Ensure that MSF guidelines and medical treatments (psychotropic drugs listed in standard MSF guidelines), are available and well understood.

-       Provide support to the project and the team by sharing ideas on how to improve our care, in accordance with MSF’s strategy and objectives.

-   Supervise, in close coordination with the HR department, the associated processes (recruitment, training/induction, evaluation, potential detection, development) of the staff under his/her responsibility in order to ensure both the sizing and the amount of knowledge required.

-        Offer clinical supervision to the mental health clinicians

- When needed, give psychological support to patients (individual/group) according to MSF protocols to improve mental health conditions of patients and enhance their functionality.

-  When necessary, organize the referral of patients to the program’s psychiatrist or identified appropriate structures.

-   Compile the data and statistic linked with MH activities and report it.

-        Ensure the patient’s related information is kept confidential

-     Collaborate with the Medical Team Leader to resolve issues and provide the best medical care possible.

A mental health team usually is composed of a psychiatrist and a psychologist.

Usually, psychologists work with interpreters, and their quality of work and emotional capacity to provide translations must be ensured. 



Must have worked at least 2 years full-time providing clinical psychological care (excluding work experience during the Master’s degree) subsequent to obtaining the equivalent of France's DESS or Masters II in clinical psychology.             

Experience as a team/individual supervisor of other mental health clinicians is highly valued and will be prioritised.  Experience in management of mental health teams is also valued.  International experience with INGOs is an asset. 

Extensive experience in early child development, working with people who live with HIV/TB and experience working with marginalised populations (including homeless and people who use substances) is an asset. Experience working in an institutional environment (psychiatric hospital, nursing home, orphanage) is also valued. 

Abilities and Skills:

- Computer skills required in order to manage the team and the data;

-   Experience in management and teaching is a plus. Also, training or experience in infant, child and adolescent clinics, training or experience in trauma, and training in understanding across cultures are considered an asset;

-     Excellent communication and organizational skills;

-     Teamwork, flexibility, motivation ;

-      Stress management ;

-       Capacity to analyze and diagnose a problem ;

-       Able to conceptualize, synthesize and propose;

-       Diplomacy ;

-       Able to work with multicultural and multi-disciplinary teams;

-       Teaching/training;

-       Capacity to work in basic service organization;

-       Adaptability;

-       Willing to follow MSF principals.

Language: Level B2 English is a must (independent/advanced intermediate). French and Arab is a plus. 

Status: Salary status according to the MSF salary grid and your previous experience in international NGOs if any.

MSF provides: transportation, lodging and a monthly per diem. Insurances: medical health coverage, repatriation.

Locations: Africa, Middle East, Europe, Asia.

Conditions: Availability of a minimum of 6-9 months.

Expected starting date: As soon as possible.

Please submit your application (CV and cover letter) online under Psychologist Position: 

Deadline for application is January 31, 2023.

Deadline for submission

MSF pays very close attention to the protection of the personal data of its members, staff and people wanting to join the association. The data collected in the course of your application will be processed in a fair and high quality manner, only by the staff in charge of recruitment, wherever in the world they may be working for an MSF entity. For more information on the processing of your personal data and your rights, please see our privacy policy.

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