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MSF Japan : Project manager TIC project - Global Engagement survey and Safety and Security Survey M/W

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The Project Manager will be responsible for managing a TIC-funded project from inception to finish. The TIC project will start the development process for both the Global Engagement Survey (GES) and the Security and Safety Survey (SAS), leading a three person team (including themselves) to do so.

This TIC project is a 15-month incubator under the MSF Transformation Investment Capacity (TIC) grant system. It will lay the first key foundations to help achieve our long-term objectives to establish 2 surveying systems that will help inform MSF decision-making and investments allocation by gathering trustworthy and transparent data that reflects the voice of all MSF staff, both internationally mobile and locally hired program staff. The incubator project will test hypotheses and gain insight on key barriers to the implementation of the organization-wide surveys.

MSF is looking to hire an experienced Project Manager to initiate and lead this project and to help build our long-term vision.


Background to the TIC project

MSF has been growing steadily and evolving since its foundation 50 years ago. By 2020, the organization employed over 62,000 staff. Now due to continuing growth, the importance of DEI and world events like the pandemic, MSF is undergoing a phase of significant transformation. MSF recognizes the value of surveys as a monitoring and engagement tool, to help inform decision- an investment-making. An example is the End of Assignment (EOA) survey, which ran its 12th edition in 2021.

Yet, currently, the 50,000 locally hired program staff representing the large majority of the MSF workforce (80%), are not systematically asked what they experience, know, feel or think on their relationships with MSF as an employer (i.e. engagement or employership topics), their security and safety experiences or situation. If we want to be a truly international and inclusive organization, including these people’s opinions in our decision-making and planning is key.

MSF Japan and MSF Australia have established a joint incubator project under the TIC (Transformation Investment Capacity) grant mechanism, with the ambition to expand existing survey systems to include not only internationally mobile but also locally hired program staff into their survey systems. MSF Australia’s initiative deliberately targets employee’s Security & Safety, while MSF Japan’s survey is focused on employee-employer relationship items.

While the surveys will remain separate, each will reach the same population and deal with similar challenges, for example ensuring buy-in and involvement in the survey design, building field ownership and support, ensuring staff’s understanding and participation, developing the technical capacity to produce relevant reporting. Realizing all these milestones will involve common processes and stakeholders.

MSF Australia and Japan therefore are carrying out their ambition through a collaborative framework that will deliver two separate surveying systems, the Global Engagement Survey (hereafter GES) on the one and the Safety and Security survey (SAS) on the other hand. A joint process brings value to both initiatives, by cross-fertilizing learnings and mutualizing resources. At the same time, merging the two surveys is not considered the optimal outcome, as it would dilute their distinct purposes and reducing MSF’s ability to extract meaningful insights.

Objectives of the position :
The Project Manager is responsible for general project progress and success. The project manager will lead a three person team (including themselves) that will work with the project committees (consisting of key stakeholders), accompaniment resources and external service providers (to be selected) to take the first key steps in the development of both the GES and SAS.

The project manager will help to (amongst other items):

·         Develop the project team, set up the project’s governance structures (in line with the project proposal),

·         Prepare the project by developing terms or reference, processes and building governance

·         Develop surveying and reporting systems in conjunction with key stakeholders, and reporting system with an external service provider;

·         Implement a pilot survey of both the GES and the SAS

·         Maximize the impact of both GES and SAS outcomes

·         Evaluate the pilot survey and project itself

·         Based on the pilots assessment, develop a long term proposal for a MSF-wide implementation of the surveys (last three months of the assignment)

·         Budget control

To achieve these goals the project manager will develop the project ToR, coordinate the work of the project team, steer the work of the external service provider, schedule and coordinate regular meetings of the Steering Committee and the 2 Survey Committees, meet with stakeholders as needed, develop and implement communication plans to raise awareness about the surveys with key stakeholders, selected HR staff and locally hired staff. Provide regular progress reports to the Steering Committee and key MSF stakeholders.

Main responsabilities : 

Preparation: developing functions, processes, and building governance

·         Develop a comprehensive project plan in conjunction with Steering Committee and Survey Committees’ members including objectives, milestones, timelines and outcomes

·         Develop relationships with key stakeholders throughout the MSF network to map lessons learned from previous similar projects, map functions and roles in the network that are key to pilot and scale implementation, map implementation needs

·         Help hire external service provider for a pilot implementation of both surveys

·         Help select pilot location projects and pilot implementation plan (including evaluation)

·         Map possible barriers to implementation and adjoining solutions

·         Developing a detailed budget and ensuring project stays within agreed budget

Develop surveys systems

Develop the GES and SAS in conjunction with project governance committees and key stakeholders

  • Develop scope and key themes for GES and SAS surveys
  • Proactively lead the team and governance committees to identify barriers to survey implementation and develop solutions
  • Lead the project team to develop both questionnaires in an iterative approach
  • Develop a ToR and hire the external service provider and establish an SLA
  • Explore survey methodologies and select pilot survey methodology
  • Engage targeted locally hired staff and as well as involved HR staff
  • Ensure compliance with privacy regulations and ethics


·         Determine scope and objectives of the pilot implementation specifically including identification of barriers and developing solutions.

·         Identify and select the pilot surveying site(s)

·         Implement and monitor the pilot with external survey provider

·         Identify barriers to reaching all MSF staff and develop solutions

·         Lead team to collect data analyze data from pilot surveys, in line with privacy guidelines

Maximizing impact of surveys’ results

•     Delineate reporting needs with key stakeholders

•     Liaise with Data protection officers on transparency and privacy issues

•     Lead team to develop reporting tools for both GES and SAS surveys

Evaluation of incubator and pilot survey

•     Report, analyze and evaluate pilot

•     Evaluate long-term GES and SAS feasibility, sustainability and desirability

•     Decide on possible spin-off of global SAS for internationally mobile staff

Qualifications and requirements

•     Education level: Master’s degree in social sciences or equivalent

·         Min 3 years previous work experience in field relevant to the position

·         Project management experience including budget management

•     Experience working in a matrix organization

         Excellent interpersonal and networking skills

         Previous experience/exposure to working in/with LMICs

•     Knowledge about developing survey systems, analyzing data and developing reporting systems

·         Data analysis skills

         Ability to self-organize and self-start

·         Ability to analyze, synthesize and report on information in a straightforward and clear manner.

•     Ability to adapt to changing circumstances and demands

•     Ability to work independently, under tight deadlines and pressure.

·         English business level language capable


application to be sent to :  [email protected]

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